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А little bit of statistics

burglar job

In 2018, in the city of Kiev, the police registered 5791 cases of apartment robbery. The total material damage amounted to more than 26 million hryvnias, while the arrest of criminals occurred only in 475 cases.

Information taken from official reports of the National Police Main Directorate of the Kiev city.

Yes, the statistics are terrifying. This situation can be explained by the fact that often people install unreliable locks and doors, based on financial preferences.

But not everything is so bad – today a very decent door protection is affordable even for an average income person. To get it, you need to turn to experienced professional locksmiths, who will tell you how to strengthen the door and choose the best locks available on the market. And of course they must be able to carry out high-quality repair work with a specialized tool. If you want more details about how to secure your home, and what sometimes happens, if you turn to the wrong masters – read a special article on our blog.

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We work carefully, maintaining the integrity of the door and without damaging the decoration. Our goal is for you to advise us to your friends.

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Call us, or write on Viber, Telegram or Whatsapp. We will give you a free consultation by phone or on photos of the door lock.

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Rudeness, smell of alcohol and unkempt appearance are excluded. Only experienced professional workers, proven by time and deed, as well as by the security service.

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We arrive at the agreed time, or we will warn about the delay in advance. A new lock will protect your door after an hour of masters work. Installation of the door lock takes up from 15 minutes.

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reasonable prices

We purchase hardware from direct suppliers without intermediaries. You pay only for work and products. Form of payment - cash and bank card.


The warranty on the work performed by the master is valid for up to 12 months. Warranty on locks, that you have been chosen is valid from 30 days.

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